Are theo james and shailene woodley dating yahoo

A lot of times, Shai would push forward and the guys we were auditioning would go back," he said of the audition process.

He's just a really strong guy and a really great actor as well. We had the opportunity to witness some of Woodley's fierceness firsthand, as we watched her and Ashley Judd, who plays her mother, shoot an intense action sequence that had them running, guns in hand, throughout the Abnegation neighborhood. In the scene, we see Tris — who was raised in Abnegation but opted to defect and become part of Dauntless, which is essentially the society's brave, military faction — evolve into something of a leader, even as she learns a shocking truth about her family.

INSURGENT: Theo James says it was awkward filming with Shailene Woodley

They're so intense, in fact, that leading lady Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris, admitted to Yahoo Movies that she was afraid at times during filming. James plays Four, Tris's trainer, her love interest, and yes, in one key scene, her adversary.

Are theo james and shailene woodley dating yahoo

The scene in question happens toward the end of the movie, when Four James is momentarily brainwashed. In a drone-like state, he fights Tris — who he has also kissed beforehand when fully conscious — at the behest of a villain-controlled machine.

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  • Are theo james and shailene woodley dating yahoo?
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Miles Teller, who plays the mean-spirited Peter, also let us in on his fear landscape: We know which YA character can truly claim the 'Four' moniker, don't we? The film followed the dangerous adventures of John Smith Alex Pettyfer , the fourth of nine alien children that have escaped to Earth from the planet Lorien and are now being hunted down one by one by the invading Mogadorians.

It pretty much tanked in the U. Now, there's a new numbered hero in town, one who's looking to take his place as the Number One Four on the block.

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  • Poster: Theo James Is the New ‘Four’;
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